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Hello! I’m Pam, and my passion is teaching and empowering people to discover innovative responses to sexual assault and domestic violence.

I would love to help you feel excited about your work...about changing the world.

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How to Get Out Safely


How to Get Out Safely

How to Get Out Safely  Week Three:  Domestic Violence Awareness Month Series  by Pamela Jacobs, J.D. Originally published in The Columbia Star on October 17, 2014  In week one of this series, we looked at early warning signs of abuse. Last week, we explored ways to help a loved one who is being ...

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  1. Beyond Surviving

    October 6 - November 10
  2. Thomas Pitts Lectureship in Medical Ethics

    October 23 - 24
  3. Ft. Bragg Leadership Conference on Domestic Violence

    October 31 @ 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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